Drishti Nrityarpana  

Drishti’s mission is to preserve, propagate and popularize Bharatanatyam – a symbol of our rich culture and tradition.

Drishti Art Centre presents “ Nrityarpana,” an event meant exclusively for the students of Drishti. Having undergone systematic and rigorous training, it provides an opportunity for budding dancers to showcase their talent, gain stage experience and develop more confidence. The students have received due appreciation from the artists, art lovers, their parents and media for their performances.

✣ Drishti Nrityarpana 2015 ✣
✣ Drishti Nrityarpana 2013 ✣
✣ Drishti Nrityarpana 2011 ✣
✣ Drishti Nrityarpana 2010 ✣
✣ Drishti Nrityarpana 2007 ✣
✣ Drishti Nrityarpana 2006 ✣
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